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About CUS

The Center for Urban Studies (CUS) is a unique organization committed to the study of urban and regional issues. It is an independent non-political think tank which has earned reputation both nationally and internationally. The strength of the Center is in the honorary services of its core members and who are all distinguished experts in their fields. CUS is a membership based organization.

Particulars of the organization

Company Name Centre for Urban Studies (CUS)
Address 4/2, Block B, Lalmatia, Dhaka -1207
Date of Establishment 13 May, 1972
Tel +880 2 9130965
Fax +880 2 9130965
Society Reg. No. S-1972(06)/98
VAT Area Code: 90403, VAT Reg. No. 9131030390
TIN 183-300-1821/Cricel 60
E-mail cus@dhaka.net
Honorary Chairman Professor Nazrul Islam
Contact Person (Excutive Secretary) Dr. Nurul Islam Nazem

Background and organization

The Centre for Urban Studies (CUS) is a self-supporting independent research and training organization, registered under Society Registration Act, 1860, Government of Bangladesh. Established on May 13, 1972, CUS has evolved into a fully multi-disciplinary centre with specialists from the disciplines of aesthetics, administration and governance, anthropology, architecture, demography, economics, education, geography, history, housing, management, sociology, statistics and urban and regional planning. CUS is an Associate Member of CITYNET, which has its headquarters in Yokohama, Japan. CUS is also an institution of member of the Bangladesh Poribesh Andolon (BAPA).

Objectives of the organization

The main objectives of the Centre are:

  • to initiate, promote, sponsor and organize scientific research on various dimensions of problems and issues pertaining to urbanization and development;
  • to disseminate knowledge acquired through such research;
  • to provide training in the field of urban and regional studies, planning, development and management; and
  • to provide consultancy services pertaining to urban and regional planning and development.
  • to conduct advocacy programmes on urban, regional and local development issues.

Activities of the organization

The objectives of the Centre are pursued through a variety of activities such as; research, training, seminars, conference, dialogue, advocacy, consultancy, exhibitions, field studies, library, urban information and data service and publications.

i. Research

The Centre conducts basic and applied research on urban and regional issues. These are sponsored by the Centre itself or by national and international agencies. The Centre co-operates with universities, individual scholars and research institutions both within and outside the country on matters of research and other common professional interests.

ii. Training

The Centre offers training through lectures, seminars, workshops and field studies to its members and other interested personnel, on design and methodology of theoretical and empirical research related to urban and regional problems. Special workshops on important urban and regional problems are, arranged where both academicians and practitioners in urban and regional affairs can participate.

iii. Seminars

The Centre holds regular seminars where members participate in discussions related to urban and regional issues. Special seminars are also organized in which distinguished scholars and experts in organization are invited to lecture.

iv. Advocacy

The Centre runs advocacy campaign on its own or with other similar organizations involved with urban issues. CUS also ran an advocacy for the urban poor for UNICEF for a year in 1992.

v. Consultancy

The Centre provides consultancy services pertaining to urban and regional problems to the government, semi-government, autonomous and private organizations and also to different international bodies on matters of mutual interest.

vi. Library

The Centre maintains a reference library specializing on urban and regional studies, planning and development literature. The CUS library has a collection of more than 2,000 books, reports, journals, theses, monographs and more than 350 specialized maps.

vii. Urban Information and Data Services

The Centre has an information and data cell to assist urban and regional researchers and other interested individuals or organizations. Special facilities are provided to the mass media. The Centre has, on several occasions used television, radio and newspapers to disseminate information on urban and regional issues.

viii. Publications

The Centre has its own publication programme in the form of research reports, monographs, bulletins, books and other literature relevant to the interest of the Centre. It produces general and specialized maps in the urban and regional contexts.