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Publication by CUS

City Cluster Economic Development: Bangladesh Case Study

This country Report includes a number of issues and development such as the nature of urbanization and urban development in the country as well as in the Dhaka Capital Region, Policies and planning practices in the sectors that shape urbanization and industrial development, competitiveness of major cities in the country and nature and characteristics of industry cluster in the region studied. The report also summarizes a number of reports prepared as a result of studies on City Cluster Economic Development in the Dhaka Capital Region. The study examined the ways to foster the concept of CCED to improve the competitiveness and performance of cities and key industry sectors that will drive the future development of urban economics in the region.

After a brief introductory section, the paper analyses the geography urbanization and city systems in Bangladesh. The focus of this section is on the role of urbanization in economic growth. The third section describes the planning efforts and policies in the country that shaped up the pattern and process of urbanization and the consequent growth. Section four is the analysis of the nature of cities competitiveness inBangladesh. Section five elaborated the pattern of urban economic development due to clustering of industries in the Dhaka Capital Region. Section six concentrated on three specific industry cluster, RMG, Leather and Food industry in DCR. The final section is brief conclusions drawn from the study.

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