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Publication by CUS

The New Urban Women in Bangladesh: Their Changing Economic Profiles

Kanti Ananta Nuzhat
2012 [ Download Publication ]

We all know that urbanization has always been considered as the engine of growth. It is the same for Bangladesh where urban economy is contributing more than 65 percent to the entire economy. The main message of the book is as half of the population in the nation urban women in Bangladesh also pitch in and do their work. The book analyzes how in recent times the increased amount of women in the field of urban economy has changed the feature of the work force system. They contribute to the modern formal sectors like manufacturing in garment sector, personal and professional s, top management and entrepreneurial positions as well as in the traditional sectors. They are also largely appreciated in the field of home and small trades. This book also gives details of their continuous contribution in the workforce through charts and researched graphs.

The book is originally a research monograph, based on the author’s Bachelor Thesis (2006) in economics at North South University, and a very interesting exploratory work on the subject. The writer is currently a PhD scholar in the Economics Department at Monash University, Australia. She has fairly proven the necessity of women’s cintribution in the field of development and structure in the Bangladeshi economy. The concept of the book is divided in two sections; in one the writer gives a much researched introduction on how women are changing their own course in life as working members of the society; this consists of chapter two to three where the writer has given different charts and graphs to prove her point of the changes. Topics identifying different occupations, economic profiles of occupations (traditional and modern) is clearly discussed in the book. The second part contains full discussion on the causes and impact of changes in the employment pattern; it also covers change in GDP due to the very change of the economic environment in Bangladesh.

The Monograph not only gives researched information and data but also interesting case studies of pioneer women who are bringing changes in our society. This is a special addition to the collection of Urban and Women studies in Bangladesh, an informative book that covers all grounds of a women’s struggle and the story of their success. Bounded by a very modern art cover based on a painting by Ivy Zaman, there are 102 pages in the monograph and the price is Taka 160 only.


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