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Completed Research by CUS

Business Complex at Nayabazar, Dhaka: A Feasibility Study

The study has been conducted at the request of Engineering Consultants and Associates Ltd., Dacca. Dhaka Improvement Trust (DIT) proposed a new multistoried shopping complex at the Nayabazar Area. Proposed complex will be in addition to the already existing Government (Yusuf Market) and other private business establishments in the area. Thus it is necessary to determine the economic feasibility of such complex and also to determine the nature of the complex. Major objectives of the study are to determine; (a) the existing business structure of the site area, (b) the relationship between the physical characteristics like space requirement and location with type, nature and the rent structure of the business establishments, (c) viability of the proposed shopping complex as perceived by the businessmen of the locality and (d) the most preferred nature and type of complex as perceived by the businessmen of the area.

Under the study, total number of the business establishments in the area has been listed, mapped and classified following the following the standard commercial classification. Two questioner surveys have been done to achieve the study objectives.

There are 365 different types of business establishments in the area which vary from pure wholesale, wholesale-retail mixed and purely retail food, goods and services of many types. Major wholesale products of the area are paper and paper products, timber (furniture) and bottles. Both planned and unplanned pattern of establishments are present in the area.

Feasibility study has showed that, there is a need for a planned shopping complex at the proposed site and it will also be economically viable. On the basis of the survey and consideration of the available site space, a business complex of 200 to 300 units may be safely recommended. The complex may be of mixed character which may comprise of general retail business of neighborhood types, personal and professional business, commercial offices (like banks). Wholesale business, light workshop industries and residential accommodation is also suggested. Special attention should be given to make the customers and users feel completely safe, secure and comfortable at the complex. It is also suggested that, all business people affected by renewal of the site be properly rehabilitated.

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