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Completed Research by CUS

Socio-Economic Survey for Shopping Complex at Malibagh, Dacca

Socio-Economic Survey for Shopping Complex at Malibagh, Dacca
Nazrul Islam
Amanat Ullah Khan
Planners and Consultants Ltd. for Dhaka Improvement Trust

The study has been conducted at the request of Planners and Consultants Ltd, an Environmental Planning Organization in Dacca. A shopping complex has been proposed by the DIT to be located at Malibagh at Rampura Road and Outer Circular Road Intersection across Mouchak Market. Thus it is necessary to determine the economic feasibility of such complex and also to determine the nature of the complex. Major objectives of the study are; (a) to identify the areal extent of the trade area and the nature of relationship between the area and the proposed site, (b) to identify the socio-economic characteristics and behavior of the trade area and (c) to assess the present condition of the shop owners of the trade area and opinions of the shop owners, potential clients and customers about the proposed complex.

Feasibility study has showed that, there is a need for a planned shopping complex at the proposed site and it will also be economically viable. On the basis of the large hinterland population the shopping complex may comprise of 100 to 300 commercial establishments. The complex may be comprise of retail business and personal and professional business. Residential accommodation is also suggested. The complex should not be containing kathcha bazaar however such a market may be located at some place close to the site. Due to the high land value of that location and general scarcity of land in the city, it is suggested that the complex be considered for development as multi-storied may be six storied.

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