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Completed Research by CUS

Suritola: An Inner – City Slum in Dacca, Bangladesh

Nazrul Islam
Syed Ahmed Khan

The study was conducted in 1977 with the request of Centre for Housing, Building and Planning, United Nations, New York. The objective of the project was to prepare a case study of an inner-city slum where improvement programmes are going on. The study was fulfilled the requirements of the information to be obtained in accordance with the checklist and guideline provided by the UN Centre for Housing, Building and Planning. Data on the study was obtained mostly from a. Observation, b. Sample Survey of household c. discussion with selected local people of various backgrounds and local leaders including the recently elected Municipal Commissioner.

Suritola, an inner city slum in Dacca, is physically unplanned and unsuitable for balance development. Spatial arrangements did not have a consideration for physical or mental health. Most of the buildings are old and in run-down conditions. Other houses are also flimsy and poor. Dwelling designs allow little privacy or ventilation. The area as a whole presents extremely high residential density. The people live in sub-standard housing and in a very deplorable physical environmental condition. The area is many vices. On the other hand the slum is an attractive place for many new rural migrants. Most of the urban basic utility services provided by the government are available within or close to the area, but the percentage of people capable of affording such services are very few. It was recommended that government had a very significant role to play in improving the layout of streets condition of housing and utility services. Many voluntary organizations can also come forward. To organize saving and investment habits the government should encourage the people of the area to establish housing and business cooperatives. At the same time various other national and international organizations can also come forward with programmes of comprehensive and integrated slum development programme.

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