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Close Door Policy Dialog (CDPD) Under SDLG Project


On the 31st may, 2012 Centre for Urban Studies (CUS) organized a Close Door Policy Dialogue (CDPD) at IDB Conference Room, Dhaka under the study of “Strengthening Democratic Local Governance”. The programme opened with registration and tea between 9.30am to 10am.

Following the registration and tea the moderator started the dialogue with a formal opening where Professor Nazrul Islam, TL, CUS gave a brief account of the project and its progress. Jerome Sayre, COP, SDLG presented to the audience the activities of USAID supported SDLG project. He explained the rural urban programs and the SDLG research and training components.

Professor Zarina Rahman Khan, DCOP, SDLG briefly summarized context of Jerome Sayar’s speech in Bangla for the benefit of the audience. She further added that SDLG project is mainly working to strengthen the local government institution and to promote the communication between the central government bodies and institutions.

Salma A. Shafi briefly presented the CUS research topic focusing the findings of the field research in the three concerned areas of,

  1. Financial management and revenue generation,
  2. Participatory planning and budgeting
  3. Service delivery and service monitoring

She presented the findings separately as those described from literature review mainly the Paurashava Law 2009 and summery of the field survey findings. She concluded by inviting all participants to actively discuss the causes and gaps in implementation of the Paurashava Law 2009 in the three topical areas.

Two designated panelist Advocate Azmatullah Khan, Mayor, Tongi Paurashava & President, MAB and Nizam Uddin, Mayor, Feni Paurashava presented their ideas on the issues of Paurashava legal and governance topics. After presentations of the two panelists on the issues, Ms. Sagupta Yasmin, MP (Deputy Whip), Mr. Shamsuzzaman Dudu, MP, Ms. Jahanara Begum, MP, Narayan Chandra Chanda, MP,  Mr. A K M Mozammel Haq, MP , Mr. Al Haj Md. Abdul Baten, Mayor, Bera Paurashava and VP, MAB, Ms. Rina Nasrin, Councilor, Nurjan Happy, Councilor, Professor Amirul Islam, Team member, CUS, Dr. Kajal Chatterjee, Team Member, SDLG, Dr. Mahfuz Kabir, DTC, US shared their experiences, opinions on the issue of CDPD. All the participants emphasized on the strengthening of the Local Government and said that, they will do their best at their position to make Local Government Organization more active for sustainable development.

The CDPD was moderated by Professor Akhter Hossain and concluded by the Professor Nazrul Islam, Team Leader, CUS.

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