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Ongoing Research

Strengthening Democratic Local Governance: An Investigation into the Roles and Authorities of Local Governments in Bangladesh (2011-2012)

Strengthening Democratic Local Governance: An Investigation into the Roles and Authorities of Local Governments in Bangladesh, the project is funded by USAID and implemented by Tetra Tech ARD has been started since 12 September 2011. The project has initiated to identify the core issues and the causes that lead to ineffectiveness of the LGs in strengthening public services.

Sustainable Urbanization in Bangladesh: Delivering into the Urbanization Growth – Poverty Interlinkages (2012)

A small research projected is being conducted by CUS in association with National Institute of urban Affairs (NIUA), New Delhi, India. The one year research will systematically study the urbanization growth poverty interlinkages in Bangladesh to analyze whether these linkages are …

Completed Research

Conducting an Indicative Baseline Survey of Landuse in Pilot Areas and a Pilot Demonstration on Landuse Zoning for Sustainable Land Management (2012)

Natural resources base in Bangladesh, especially the land in fragile condition. For sustainable economic development proper management of its land and environment is a must in the country. To this end Bangladesh must adopt sound landuse policy to guide productivity, …

Mapping Urban Poor Settlements and Vacant Lands in 27 UPPR Project Towns (2011)

This study on Mapping Poor Settlements and Vacant Lands in 27 UPPR towns and cities is an initiative primarily to identify the locations where the poor people live and to derive their poverty status. The aim is to set a base line to monitor future changes in these settlements in terms of their existence (age), physical area, household numbers and density. Secondly the study also aims at explaining 16 thematic poverty indicators and aggregate poverty index at city/town, ward and settlement levels.

Feasibility Study on Foot Over Bridges in Dhaka City (2005)

In order to facilitate pedestrian crossing on major busy roads in Dhaka, the Dhaka City Corporation has built some 25 Foot Over Bridges (FOBs) at different locations of the city. It has been observed that the FOBs are not sufficiently …


Regional Economic Disparity in Bangladesh: A Mapping Study (1980)

This study was undertaken for the General Economic Section of Planning Commission, Government of Bangladesh, to visualize spatial disparity in economic development through a series of maps on selected economic aspects. The study attempted to show regional variation in growth …

Demra Bastuhara Camp: Socio-economic Survey of a Squatter Resettlement Area (1977)

The larger cities of Bangladesh used to be characteriesd by the widespread slums and squatter settlements typical of most third world cities, the proliferation of spontaneous settlement known as ‘bustees’ becoming pronounced after the war of liberation with a great influx of poor migrants from rural areas. In January 1975 all squatters in Dacca and Khulna were cleared from the original inner-city locations by Government and squatters of Dhaka were resettled in three planned sites on the outskirts of the city-Demra, Tongi and Mirpur.