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Completed Research by CUS

Evaluation Report on Training of Unemployed Youth During 1979-80 Volume IV: Khulna Division

Nazrul Islam

The Governement of Bangladesh initiated various programmes in order to turn the unemployed rural youth into productive forces. One such programme in the 2 Year Plan was to train 90,000 rural unemployed youths in agricultural activities. Survey was conducted by 4 agencies to evaluate this programme in the 4 divisions of the country under same methodology. The Centre for Urban Studies made the survey in Khulna Division, covering 20 sample thanas.

Evaluation study have done under some major issues like;

(a) selection, performances and dropouts of trainees,
(b) programme curriculum and syllabus,
(c) motivation of trainees,
(d) adequacy and efficiency of instructors,
(e) institutional facilities, (f) impacts of training and
(g) management and administrative coordination.

Study results show that, although the initiative of the Government was good but the objectives of the Training Programme for the Rural Youth- in Khulna Division have remained partly unachieved. Inspite of its limited success and serious problems, the present study team feel that in principle the Programme is a laudable effort. To make it successful and truly effective, corrective measures should be undertaken in the light of recommendation made.

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