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Completed Research by CUS

Regional Economic Disparity in Bangladesh: A Mapping Study

Regional Economic Disparity in Bangladesh: A Mapping Study
Amanat Ullah Khan
AQM Mahbub, Ph.D
Planning Commission, Government of Bangladesh

This study was undertaken for the General Economic Section of Planning Commission, Government of Bangladesh, to visualize spatial disparity in economic development through a series of maps on selected economic aspects. The study attempted to show regional variation in growth rate of per capita real GDP; per capita GDP in agriculture, industry and other sectors; spatial pattern of agricultural input supply, spatial pattern of health sector inputs and variation in growth of educational facilities. The main source of data for this study was the Annual Statistical Year Books published by the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics, Govt. of Bangladesh.

The study showed significant pattern of variation in regional development. A significant spatial variation was also found in the rate of growth of the facilities and services for various regions of the country. The report in total included 15 maps on selected economic variables.

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