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Completed Research by CUS

Strengthening Democratic Local Governance: An Investigation into the Roles and Authorities of Local Governments in Bangladesh

Strengthening Democratic Local Governance: An Investigation into the Roles and Authorities of Local Governments in Bangladesh, the project is funded by USAID and implemented by Tetra Tech ARD has been started since 12 September 2011. The project has initiated to identify the core issues and the causes that lead to ineffectiveness of the LGs in strengthening public services.

The study project covers both rural and urban local governments. The Center for Urban Studies (CUS), Dhaka has been entrusted with the responsibility of studying the Paurashavas, the scope of the field level investigation, however, have been limited to Paurashavas in the urban local government in four divisions, namely,  Chittagong (excluding the Hill districts). The objectives of this project have been formulated as follows:

  1. To identify the key local government research needs;
  2. To conduct research on a critical issue thus identified documents and reports.
  3. To disseminate findings of the research through national conference.
  4. To identify local government key policy reform issues and generate discussions and debates through national advocacy roundtable
  5. To create interest and consensuses among policy makers through closed door dialogue on policy reform issue identified.


The objectives are planned to be achieved through a methodology which involves literature review, consultation with national experts, closedoor meetings with senior policy makers and implementations, policy roundtables, and national workshops. The findings of the research will also be disseminated through workshops and conferences.

The project has addressed very important decentralization issues, however the time available (12 months) is rather short and there is also apprehension that in the next year political atmosphere may be very congenial to smooth implementation of the project. The team will be very careful in conducting the research project.

The project will be managed by a research team to be led by Professor Nazrul Islam, Honorary Chairman of Center for Urban Studies (CUS) and a highly reputed urban development expert, with Salma A. Shafi as Deputy Team Leader and four distinguished Urban and Local Government experts.


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